Del Amitri announce Limeligth Belfast show

Veteran Scottish rockers Del Amitri have announced a headline Belfast show at Limelight 1 on Monday June 06th 2022 with their ‘Greatest Hits and Fatal Mistakes’ tour.  The band released their seventh album, Fatal Mistakes in May 2021. The new LP marked a comeback for the band – who have largely been on hiatus since 2002’s Can You Do Me Good? – and is their first release on Cooking Vinyl.

Speaking on the new album, frontman Justin Currie says, “When we made ‘Waking Hours’ we knew there was no one else at the time who was doing that: a classic rock-pop record, very song-based, but with guitar solos and proper melodic performances. And it occurred to us a couple of years ago that, again, in Britain there’s a space for this. No band of any generation are doing this. So this feels like the right time.”

Guitarist Iain Harvie adds, “It’s just us, and the songs, all of it played by all five of us – no guest players or session guys. We’ve never done that before, so it’s a clean sheet, a new album, from a new band. It felt really free to make it.”

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