Yonaka announce Belfast 2022 show

UK rock group Yonaka are pleased to announce a headline Belfast show at Limelight 2 on Friday 04th February 2022. The Brighton four-piece released their new mixtape called ‘Seize The Power’ earlier this year.

Sometimes you have to go through the shit to emerge victorious on the other side and fight your way through the proverbial tunnel to find the light. And this is the exact journey that Brighton’s Yonaka have spent the last year navigating, and ultimately, conquering. 

Now coming out the other side armed with a new lease of life, they are ready to share a story of empowerment and perseverance that is set to rival the greats. All packaged up into some alt-rock bangers, of course.

Starting their story a few years ago when they met at Brighton university, vocalist Theresa Jarvis, bassist Alex Crosby, drummer Rob Mason and guitarist George Werbrouck-Edwards instantly jelled, quickly building their name with raucous live sets and a seamless merging of pop, rock and hip-hop inspired beats.

As the word spread, the group soon found themselves being hailed as the next great rock outfit by the likes of NME, holding their own (and then some) across the country as they joined big names including Bring Me The Horizon, Fever 333, The Libertines, Courteeners and more on tour. Just take their ever-growing fanbase even copying the group’s matching Yonaka tattoos as yet further proof of the sparks that they conjured. 

So, it was no surprise that when their attention-grabbing debut album ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’ dropped late May 2019, 11-tracks of incendiary alt-rock sizzlers that saw critical acclaim, it seemed like the group were poised to breakthrough. 

But despite the hype, the group still felt like they wanted and needed more and were eager to explore their potential yet to be unlocked. “I think before we were just testing the waters and finding out for ourselves what we wanted to do. I don’t think anyone pops up like, ‘Here it is!’. It’s been a bit of a journey,” Theresa muses, laughing. “If we didn’t have that, we’d probably still be a bit shit.”

Joking that the lightbulb moment came after the release of their debut, the band have spent pretty much every single moment since writing away, perfecting the sound and style that they always wanted to achieve, and now – not so much Yonaka 2.0, but the Yonaka they’ve always threatened to be – are ready to make their full introduction.

Locking themselves in their Brighton home studio throughout last year, the group are now geared up to welcome the world into their new era, with a brand new self-produced mixtape showing them bigger and better than ever. 

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