Electric Six to return to Limelight Belfast in 2022

Electric Six will perform at the Limelight 2, Belfast on Friday 2nd December 2022.

Perhaps you were too busy marvelling at how wonderful it felt to have your life ripped apart by Electric Six at the last couple of shows to notice that Electric Six didn’t even have a new album. Well, my friend, that is going to change.

This year, you’re going to have your life and your mind shredded by brand new E6 stuff for the first time in four years!!!! The new album is “Born To Be Ridiculed” and it may be the poppiest, danciest Electric Six you’ve ever known.

Join us as we move through Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium and France before we settle in to a purgatory of UK and Irish merriment. Electric Six has it…..and Lord knows Electric Six has tried to get rid of it….but it can’t.

Until one of the other bands step up and stop Electric Six (which is yet to happen)….you’re stuck with us. Ridicule us all you like….we were born to take it!!!!

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