Stephen Fretwell announces Belfast Voodoo show

UK singer-songwriter Stephen Fretwell is pleased to announce a headline Belfast show at Voodoo on Thursday 24th February 2022. The lauded songsmith recently released ‘Busy Guy’, his first new album in more than 13 years.

Opening the recording of the album, Fretwell describes how he headed to Dean Street Studios Soho with producer and Speedy boss Dan Carey Wunderground. “I was so excited, I was just rambling on the songs,” said Fretwell. The title of the album, Fretwell explained, was also Carey’s idea. “Years ago, Dan asked why I always carried a copy of The Guardian, a notebook and a pen when all I did was go to the pub,”he said. “I said: ‘If you go to the pub at 11 a.m. with a newspaper, a notebook and a pen, you look like a busy person rather than a pisshead. It became a joke between us. The joke is also that I haven’t done any music in years”

Full track list below.

  1. ‘The Goshawk and The Gull’
    2. ‘Remember’
    3. ‘Embankment’
    4. ‘oval’
    5. ‘Long Water’
    6. ‘Oranges’
    7. ‘Pink’
    8. ‘Cooper’
    9. ‘Almonds’
    10. ‘Green’

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