Review: Inhaler – Limelight, Belfast

Over the course of three nights in Belfast’s, Limelight, Inhaler put on three gigs that have stood out to me and many who went to see them as the best gigs since they were allowed to happen again. For the show there were covid checks in force with these being the first shows I had been to with this protocol, the checks were swift and with no issues for anyone I was with on all nights. 

Nights 1 and 2 were in the more intimate setting off Limelight Two. With Inhaler cancelling their Ireland shows, an extra night in Belfast was added with these both being full houses for the band. Coming of the release of their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This, the audiences for these shows was a mix of new fans and those who have been following the past few years. I went into night 1 a passive fan of this band – if their music was on, I would listen – but by night 2, I was behind this band completely. For a band so fresh, but also resembling guitar music of the 80s, to have such a mixed age audience was such a refreshing thing to see.

Night 3 moved to Limelight one with this being where I caught support Post-Party for the first time. They’re blistering set of bouncy indie tracks had the room moving as it filled up for Inhaler. This Irish based band are one to check out heading into 2022. 

After three nights seeing Inhaler, I knew this set better than anything but each night it surprised me even more. A set filled with tracks from their debut album but as each night went on so did the energy of these tracks. Opening with ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ had each of Limelight’s rooms bouncing in mosh pits. With tracks like ‘Slide Out the Window’ and ‘My King Will Be Kind’ having an emotional impact on the crowd as they sang along with every word. 

Their set ended with ‘Cheer Up Baby’ and ‘My Honest Face’ which on all three nights were the perfect finish for this up-and-coming bands set. It’s clear that forgetting the ties the band has to Irish music that this is a band that have done it on their own. With this, don’t expect Inhaler to be playing venues like Limelight anymore. Their gigs in Belfast have been on an upward trajectory of the best music venues in Belfast so we now need to wait and see what is next. Dylan McAllister

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